Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry for the first time in the US, with the third largest marketshare of mobile web traffic.

According to mobile advertising network Chitika, BlackBerry’s market share has dropped from just over one per cent to just 0.8 per cent of total web traffic, compared to the one per cent Microsoft claims of the market.

However, the growth of Windows Phone remains pretty static, with even a slight decline detectable.

The news of BlackBerry’s demise in what was its biggest market won’t come as a surprise to many, with rumours circulating that the company could be leaving the hardware manufacturing industry, instead deciding to concentrate on its platform and services, such as security.

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen explained in April: “If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business.

“We are building an engineering team on the service side that is focused on security. We are building an engineering team on the device side that is focused on security. We will do some partnerships and we will probably, potentially do an M&A on security,” he said.

Chitika’s data was recorded between February 1 and April 30 this year and it follows general market trend reports from IDC and Gartner that illustrate Windows Phone is overtaking BlackBerry in the worldwide market.

The advertising company measured hundreds of millions of ad impressions on smartphones to come up with its findings.

iOS and Android are still charging ahead in web traffic volume, accounting for 53.1 and 44.5 percent of American smartphone web traffic, respectively.