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    The minimum requirement to ensure employee productivity will be a laptop or PC and a solid internet connection.
    For example, encrypted laptops for each employee and additional equipment such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and docks.
    A system that can measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security and collect proof of hours worked.
    You need an online cloud system such as Office 365 in place for remote access for your employees.
    For example, a phone system that enables you to redirect client calls and an effective communication channel such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.
    A dedicated member of staff that employees can go to to discuss remote working policies, and/or employee training sessions on remote working procedures.
    For example, secure and up-to-date devices for your employees, a VPN, firewall and two-factor authentication.
    Your business has an internet connection that's robust enough for full-time home working for all employees.
    Data backup to protect your business from ruin, whether it’s as a result of human error, flooding, fires, or something else.
    A 24/7 support team in-house or externally, to help with IT issues your employees may have when working from home.
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